Idris Lahore | Initiator and mediator of Samadeva

The Masters of Samadeva

The instructors of the Free University of Samadeva present themselves as teachers transmitting, not only knowledge and know-how, but also all the components of "life skills" allowing the awakening of men and women to the physical, emotional and intellectual dimensions that everyone has within. All our methods and techniques are part of universal knowledge. They are taught rigorously to allow students to acquire a high skill level, in an ever-living, ever-adapting structure, respectful of everyone's rhythm. The accompanying of students is characterised by a kind, respectful and well-meaning attitude.

Instructors of Samadeva

  • Clara Naudi

    Clara Naudi


  • Mélodie Lionello

    Mélodie Lionello


  • Gyseh Perle

    Gyseh Perle


  • Monique Desfours

    Monique Desfours


  • Sylvie Gendre

    Sylvie Gendre